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Rule #5 of Bible interpretation and translation insists that we first attempt to understand the pantheon of Biblical supernatural beings in a natural sense.The cherubim are a good place to start.The first mention of cherubim (plural of cherub) in the Bible are the mention in Genesis 3 of cherubim being placed, by God, "before" the gan edin ("garden steppe,") to block the return of mankind.However, the cherubim are better understood as the symbolic representation of throne bearers of Yahweh. Psalm 99:1 says:"Yehweh reigns, let the nations tremble; he sits enthroned between the cherubim, let the earth shake.""The word cherub is a word borrowed from the Assyrian kirubu, from karĂ£bu, 'to be near', hence it means near ones, familiars, personal servants in a sense. It was commonly used to represent the idea of heavenly spirits, who closely surrounded God and served him. Psalm 18:10 poetically equates the cherub with the God's flying chariot: He…